Planning and executing the best coming 50 years of your life

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How often have you heard your parents or elders recalling the fondest memories of their childhood? Or perhaps wondered how famous individuals spent their years leading to their success or life of fulfillment? All these started with being intentional in “living in the moment” and choosing to thrive, not just to survive.

YOLO! – You Only Live Once. Wouldn’t it be rewarding to live on your terms and leave a legacy long after you’re gone? Planning and executing the next 50 years of your life may sound overwhelming. As Zig Ziglar stated, “when you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Clarity is power and the first step towards achieving a purposeful life. 

What and who we become is the product of habits that we formed throughout your lives. Here are some things that you will look back on and be glad you lived by. Here’s to a purpose-driven life. 

Health and Fitness

Prioritize your health. In an age where people are always on the move, it’s easy to get lost and have your schedule rule your days. Taking charge of your health pays dividends. When you’re healthy, you can do more and achieve more. Exercise, meditate, eat right, complete the annual health check-ups and dental visits.


Work hard and smart. Earlier in your career focus on picking up new skills by attaching yourself to good mentors. Be open to new and out-of-the-box opportunities until you find your passion. Patience and perseverance are the keys. Remember that career progression is a marathon, not a sprint. 

Work for others on weekdays and work on yourselves on weekends. Work hard, play even harder. Take your allocated vacation time. You need those time-offs to get a wider perspective on things. Travel extensively. Money can be earned, but experience can’t be bought.


If you’re not careful about managing your finances, it can vanish before you know it. Be cognizant about wasteful expenses. Max out those 401(k)s. Save some part of your paycheck. Invest early so you get the benefit of compounding over time. In general, try to own a home rather than renting. And don’t forget to donate to causes that are important to you. 


While money and career are extremely important, ultimately life is about creating meaningful and lasting relationships. Build a network of close friends who will share your life’s journey and be connected to your family. In good or bad times, they will always be there.

Attend the important life events of family, close relatives, and friends. These are best to create memories and be connected. Quality time demands being present and being in the moment. 

Read Read Read

Read extensively, especially nonfiction works – history, biographies etc. Knowledge is cumulative. It makes you a better thinker, a better decision maker. It opens your mind to new ideas and deepens your understanding of the world and society around you. It makes you more valuable to your employer and people are attracted to you if you can enrich their lives with your knowledge. 

Be open to new experiences

Wake up everyday with curiosity to learn and grow. Try new cuisines, pick up interesting hobbies, learn a new language, build something with your own hands, learn to play golf – whatever catches your fancy. And while you’re at it, challenge yourself to try experiences which are outside your comfort zone. 

“Life doesn’t happen to you but through you,” as they say. Being purposeful from early on and small incremental habits built over time will lead to a life well lived. 

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