Shut the Gab and Start Listening – The Why and How of being a Good Listener

Have you ever felt like the person you are talking to isn’t listening? They may be maintaining eye contact or nodding their head but are clearly not on the same page. It gets difficult to convey your thoughts and hold a conversation. Have you ever tried to converse with someone who keeps interjecting with commentsContinue reading “Shut the Gab and Start Listening – The Why and How of being a Good Listener”

The Benefits of Walking

Can you walk your way to good health? The answer is undoubtedly yes, but it requires discipline to drag oneself out of the house every day! The benefits of this great exercise are not just limited to reducing weight. We will get right into the details through this article. Let us get into the theoryContinue reading “The Benefits of Walking”

Simple Ways to Boost Daily Productivity

We all have our daily / weekly checklists that we have to move forward. Whether it’s in our role as a parent, a spouse, a co-worker or a friend, being on-the-go and rising up to the demands of the role is a feature and expectation of modern life.  Productivity is key and while most ofContinue reading “Simple Ways to Boost Daily Productivity”

How to Be and Appear Your Best Confident Self

How you treat yourself is how others will treat you. That also means how you carry yourself is how others will perceive you. It brings the question to the table – how can you be and appear the best version of yourself, equipped with all the confidence you need to achieve your full potential? WeContinue reading “How to Be and Appear Your Best Confident Self”

Eating Locally and in Season

For decades now, the town of Marino in Rome has been celebrating their grape harvest with the grape festival on the first Sunday of October, a day when even the fountains give wine. Likewise, the Orange day in Amsterdam celebrates the orange harvest with people dressing up in orange for the King’s birthday. Canada hasContinue reading “Eating Locally and in Season”

Lifestyle changes to improve your brain health

Songs are written about the heart. Funny Emojis pay tribute to that vital organ keeping us alive, but what about the brain? The brain is at the core and substance of life, of thinking, conjecture, of simply being functional. This unsung hero definitely falls short in the adulation department, even as it literally runs theContinue reading “Lifestyle changes to improve your brain health”

The Eat-alleys of Italy

The year was 1889… King Umberto I and his Queen were visiting Naples, a prosperous waterfront town. Wherever they went, the royal couple was treated to the best of haute cuisine and French food. Tired of constantly eating gourmet food, the Queen craved for something simple and asked Chef Rafaelle Esposito to bring a dishContinue reading “The Eat-alleys of Italy”

How to Raise Charitable Kids?

Any parent will feel proud whenever their children achieve accolades in school or are recognized for their skills and talents in the community. But what about when a child is recognized for a noble gesture such as sharing or helping a person in need? Does it not bring extra warmth to a parent’s heart? ItContinue reading “How to Raise Charitable Kids?”

How You Can Keep Things Flowing Smoothly by Drinking H20

These 8 benefits of drinking water only go to show and highlight the importance of water: in detoxing and cleansing our bodies, in aiding circulation and flow, in keeping our brains alert and focused, and keeping our metabolism running and our energy elevated.