Lifestyle changes to improve your brain health

Songs are written about the heart. Funny Emojis pay tribute to that vital organ keeping us alive, but what about the brain? The brain is at the core and substance of life, of thinking, conjecture, of simply being functional. This unsung hero definitely falls short in the adulation department, even as it literally runs theContinue reading “Lifestyle changes to improve your brain health”

The Eat-alleys of Italy

The year was 1889… King Umberto I and his Queen were visiting Naples, a prosperous waterfront town. Wherever they went, the royal couple was treated to the best of haute cuisine and French food. Tired of constantly eating gourmet food, the Queen craved for something simple and asked Chef Rafaelle Esposito to bring a dishContinue reading “The Eat-alleys of Italy”

How to Raise Charitable Kids?

Any parent will feel proud whenever their children achieve accolades in school or are recognized for their skills and talents in the community. But what about when a child is recognized for a noble gesture such as sharing or helping a person in need? Does it not bring extra warmth to a parent’s heart? ItContinue reading “How to Raise Charitable Kids?”

How You Can Keep Things Flowing Smoothly by Drinking H20

These 8 benefits of drinking water only go to show and highlight the importance of water: in detoxing and cleansing our bodies, in aiding circulation and flow, in keeping our brains alert and focused, and keeping our metabolism running and our energy elevated.

The Cultural Route to French Gastronomy

La bonne cuisine est la base du véritable bonheur – Auguste Escoffier Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness. Nothing can describe the French love for good food better than this quote by Auguste Escoffier, the indisputable “the King of chefs and the chef of Kings”. The French have perfected the art of fineContinue reading “The Cultural Route to French Gastronomy”

Awesome and Free Workout Videos and Trainers for at-home Exercise Sessions

free workout videos

The Many Benefits of Hiking with the Family

Hiking is one activity that gets the heart pumping, keeps the kids involved for a while, costs almost little to nothing, involves no blue screens and takes one away from the daily hustle and bustle. It is a perfect family activity and yes it is great even for the not-so outdoorsy families and the kidsContinue reading “The Many Benefits of Hiking with the Family”

A Culture Trip through India’s Food Scene

If your idea of Indian cuisine is limited to Naan, Butter Chicken, and curry, you will be surprised to discover the diversity of the cuisine. Indian cuisine is a vast canvas of colors, tastes, aroma, and ethnicity. There are 38 different cuisine types based on region alone, and this is without counting festive dishes, street food, and fusion cooking.

Getting to Know the Diversity of Regional Cuisines of China

What do you typically think of when you hear the phrase: ‘Chinese food?’ In the U.S., most towns will have a sprinkling of Chinese takeaway outlets serving the likes of sweet-and-sour chicken, egg-fried rice, beef in black bean sauce. The flavors of these dishes are all too familiar to the West, but authentic Chinese foodContinue reading “Getting to Know the Diversity of Regional Cuisines of China”