How to Fall in Love with Your Spouse Again

photo of couple smiling while looking at each other

It happens to most couples. That loving feeling just seems to have vanished. You can’t exactly put a finger on what caused it but you just feel like the magic’s not there anymore. The signs are everywhere: Arguments becoming more commonplace than ever. Sweet gestures no longer the norm. Communication is now less frequent and meaningful. Busy days keeping you further apart, physically and emotionally. And every day, both of you just go through the motions of being together, and there’s no sign that things are going to get better. 

The love is most likely still there, deep inside the both of you, just buried under the weight of your differences, disappointments, expectations and the demands of life in general. All you just need to do is dig it up gently and give it wings again. 

While it’s not impossible to fall in love all over again with your spouse or partner, it’s going to take more than just ‘wishing and hoping’. You need to work on it. And it only takes an acknowledgement of where you are and a willingness to make things work from both your sides. 

It’s no magic and there’s definitely no shortcuts. But there are some things you can do to set you both on the right track towards falling in love with each other again. Read on for tips to bring the spark back in your relationship:

Be Thankful

Yes, your partner may not be perfect and has been showing signs of decline in the affection department. But make a conscious effort to see and appreciate the good in your spouse and it will begin to warm your heart and your partner’s too.

Set Some Date Nights

After the day is done and the kids are tucked away in bed, you and your partner should spend time together on date nights just like you did before. Remember when you used to dress up and head out for some good food and conversation? It drew you closer together then and it can do so again! 

Power Of Touch

Even science agrees that human touch can change one’s mood as it releases oxytocin, a hormone that helps enhance relationships. A simple stroking of your partner’s hand or rubbing his back can turn coldness to warmth and rekindle feelings of care and affection. 

Engage In A New Hobby Together

Whether its outdoor sports, cooking, painting, or glamping, you and your spouse would do well to engage in fun and productive activities together that will help you take a break from the monotony. The sense of excitement and fulfillment can draw you closer to each other as you learn and enjoy something new. 

Reconnect With Old Common friends

That friend who introduced you to each other, those colleagues or college friends you used to hang out with pre-marriage, they can help you go back to those early days when you were both so much in love and inseparable. Memories have the power to revive old feelings and stir a fresh start. 

Have ‘Honeymoon’ Trips At Least Twice A Year

This does not have to mean grand trips or elaborate vacations. It can be a simple out-of-town, bed-and-breakfast getaway overnight. What matters is you relive your memories and see yourself fall in love all over again with the person you chose to marry. 

Sweet Surprises

Another great way to break the dullness in your marriage is through surprises. Send him a present months before his birthday, cook him his favorite food on an ordinary day, stick a love note to his laptop screen. Same goes for husbands. Do this and there will always be something to look forward to and be excited about in your marriage. 

Put Away Distractions

Make a conscious effort to put away gadgets or whatever you are glued to when your spouse comes home. Give him or her your attention to make him/her feel important enough to merit your time. Make yourself available for conversations and you’ll gradually begin to experience emotional and physical intimacy again.

Forgive And Be Gracious

Nothing spoils a romantic evening more than a spouse snapping at his partner’s mistake. Life is not perfect and neither is your husband or wife. Be open about how you feel, but be gracious enough to forgive and let go. How To Make Someone Fall in Love With You All Over Again is not mission impossible. Just remember to stop the hate, look for the good, and listen to what the heart says. Speak the language of love in practical ways every day and watch it ignite your love again and again and again.

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